New BACKBURNER album and a special Hand’solo offer!

Sophomore album from Canadian hip hop super-crew Backburner! Follow up to their well-received debut album Heatwave from 2011!

The new album stars Ambition, Beatmason, Chokeules, Fresh Kils, Ghettosocks, Ginzu333, Jay Bizzy, Jesse Dangerously, Johnny Hardcore, Mister E, More Or Les, Savilion, Thesis Sahib, Timbuktu, Uncle Fes & Wordburglar

Plus a few featured guests appearances from Attikus, D-Sisive, Mega Ran, The Mighty Rhino & Rift

We are offering a pre-order special package deal. You can pick up Eclipse and another release from the Hand’solo Records catalogue at a great price!

Now at the shoppe is also three of Hand’solo newest releases:
Ultra Magnus & DJ SLAM! – The Raw
Rift & Savilion – Carry the Fire
Chokeules – Stay Up

Backburner – Eclipse + Another Hand’Solo Release

Backburner – Eclipse