rosemo(u)nt antiquartet – fuguer le cillement du refuge en soi (CD)


The rosemo(u)nt antiquartet (solo project from ypl of Heliodrome) offers a new soundtrack for a film that takes place in silence through the collective unconscious. This project is a foundation on which this fear is dropped. The fear of no longer having a home, to be left only with yourself, restrained to emergency and to…

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Track List
1. point de fuite en détonation | 2. en berne du rétablissement | 3. accoster le leurre à marrée basse | 4. entrevoir à vif ou dévisager vu | 5. une main à l’aube de l’autre | 6. enjamber la voie des corps | 7. rattraper la proie de l’imposture | 8. sentier abrupte de l’expiation | 9. psalmodier en s’en distançantAlbum Credits
Music & Vocals: ypl
Recorded by ypl in Montreal at Sentinelle en Silence
Mix & Master: Scott Da Ros at Spaaceemoon, snoowcaat
Photographs: Christian Peterson
Layout & Design: Scott Da Ros
Curator: Michel Peterson
In collaboration with : ROBAA MediaLAB, Hans and Tamar Oppenheimer Chair In Public International Law, McGill University and Les Éditions TAMAM

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