Nestor Wynrush – Trinnipeg !78 (CD)

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Wynrush (the fabulist) rides the rails from Winnipeg to Toronto, rapping bluesology and forgetting his heart on the window seat at every whistle stop. The songs are an ode to Canadiana in all its subtle, tragic glory. Trinnipeg!78 is a celebration of roots, agonized love and good times. At times Wynrush’s lyrics describe the painful quest for identity in a “multicultural” society — a quest to find one’s voice in a crowded room. Trinnipeg !78 – The place that he was proudly born into.

Released: 2009
Label: Clothes Horse Records

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Blood Rock

Ole Mine Town


Track List
1. Winnipeg South Blues | 2. Accent (Peanut Punch) | 3. Coprock | 4. Blood Rock | 5. So High (The Richardson) | 6. High Park Sunrise | 7. Ole Mine Town Feat Grand Analog | 8. Metro Radio | 9. Liks | 10. Garbage Hill

Album Credits
Vocals and Lyrics: Nestor Wynrush
Featured Vocals: Grand Analog
Guest DJ: DJ Brace
Producers: soso, Mcenroe, Odario Williams, DJ Kutdown, Murdock & Lonnie Ce

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