NEW VINYL from rosemo(u)nt antiquartet

Today, diverses envolées de voix en essaims d’esseulement, the new album from rosemo(u)nt antiquartet, is officially out on Cassette and also available for download!

The rosemo(u)nt antiquartet could be summarized as an improbable encounter of the silent facets of a camera crew without a film. 11 years since his last solo album, ypl (of Heliodrome) has left behind his sample based music and has built short movies of sound in a krautrock jam band aesthetic on his latest album, diverses envolées de voix en essaims d’esseulement. The lap steel guitar rotates around the modular synthesizer cables, the bass resonates in a closed-circuit weightlessness and percussions are reminiscent of a halting edit. It is a scenario without a synopsis for a catharsis of the disenchantment which is sung in vertigo without the weight of words and the lies they support.

Digital Download

END028 Cover


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