BURIERS are an ANTI-RAP ALTERNATIVE FOLK band from London. Their new album is available through Endemik Music. Fronted by singer and poet James P Honey with cellist Jamie Romain, violinist Laura Mallows and drummer Jamie Gillett.
The record was made at Dark Horse Farm somewhere between London and Brighton in 2015. BURIERS are dedicatedly DIY and this record exemplifies that. The squeaking of chairs, gasping for breath and single take live performance of songs is all there to be heard. Manufactured dross be damned. The 10″ vinyl will be limited to 300 copies.


Maki’s first full-length instrumental project, We Will Not Lead We Will Only Detonate, is informed by a love of hardware, old records and electronic production. The result is an experiment in cut and paste, drum machines, analog synthesis, live instruments and some quality time with a vintage Fender Twin. The record channels the ghosts of Kraut and Prog over blistering drum programming. The 12″ vinyl is limited to 100 copies. ORDER HERE!