Hermitofthewoods – The Woods Are Burning

Written and self-produced between 2004 and 2007, Halifax Nova Scotia’s Hermit’s debut album is a gritty collection of political accusations, angry letters, vitriolic introspection, and menacing beats with frequent and disturbing acts of audio terrorism committed by EMC. – taken from press release

Released: 2007
Label: IMF Records

[audio:http://endshoppe.com/mp3_stream/hermit/EnterTheHermit.mp3,http://endshoppe.com/mp3_stream/hermit/WereAllDoomed.mp3,http://endshoppe.com/mp3_stream/hermit/AnOpenLetterToTheGirlIInadvertantlyOffended.mp3,http://endshoppe.com/mp3_stream/hermit/RandomShitTalkFile631F.mp3|titles=Enter The Hermit,We’re All Doomed,An Open Letter to the Girl I Inadvertantly Offended,Random Shit Talk File 631-F]
Track List
1. Intro | 2. Enter The Hermit | 3. The Way It Is | 4. Blues for a News Junkie | 5. We’re All Doomed | 6. Boom | 7. Target the Enemy feat. EMC | 8. An Open Letter to the Girl I Inadvertantly Offended | 9. Art of War | 10. An Open Reply to the Ravings of Mack Layne | 11. Everyone’s Crazy | 12. Random Shit Talk File 631-F | 13. Moment of Weakness | 14. Requiem | 15. The Woods are Burning
Album Credits
Vocals and Lyrics by: Hermitofthewoods
Featured Vocals: EMC
Producer and Mixed: Hermitofthewoods
Mastered: J. LaPointe