Baby Elephant – Turn My Teeth Up!

As its wackadoo title signals, Turn My Teeth Up! isn’t the kind of record you put on to get in touch with your tender side; if you’re not in the mood to summon your inner funkateer, don’t bother cracking the jewel case. If, however, you’re familiar with the oddball genius of Prince Paul, late of Handsome Boy Modeling School, and you also happen to be up for his highly eccentric brand of musical lollygagging, the debut effort by his new outfit Baby Elephant will almost surely make your day. These funky fresh and occasionally ferocious tracks, on which the onetime P-Funk and Talking Heads keyboard player Bernie Worrell does his thing, captivate with their left-field energy (check out Nona Hendryx on “Crack Addicts In Love”) and consistently amuse (check out the handful of wobble-headed skits). Contributions from old-school avant-lovers such as Yellowman, George Clinton and David Byrne wrap this music in a ’70s vibe — overall, it’s a weird-artist treasury with as much bite as the title would have you believe. – All Music Guide

Track List

1. Search, The (Skit) | 2. Baby Elephants N Thangs with George Clinton | 3. Plainfield See All 2 with Shock G | 4. Cool Runnins See All 2 with Yellowman | 5. Master (Skit) | 6. If You Don’t Wanna Dance with Reggie Watts | 7. Language (Skit) | 8. Even Stranger | 9. Crack Addicts in Love See All 2 with Nona Hendryx | 10. Turn My Teeth Up! | 11. Plug (Skit) | 12. How Does the Brainwave? with David Byrne | 13. Skippin Stonze with Gabby La La | 14. 100 Keyboards (Skit) | 15. Scratchinatanitchouttareach with George Clinton | 16. Fred Berry | 17. Take Me to Braziol (Skit)