Scott Da Ros – …One Kind of Dead End (CD)

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“Scott Da Ros’ debut album “…One Kind of Dead End” is a sonic landscape of musical influences set to a beat driven backdrop which gives the listener a sense that this may be the “Dark Side of the Moon” for hip hop…an impressive debut record. Da Ros has not only stomped the terra of conventional music, he has twisted many of its aspects to create a sound of his own…This album will not only appeal to fans of the current indie hip hop scene, but to anyone who is open to new and brave musical ideas. “…One Kind of Dead End” is simply a great album.” – St.Cloud Chronicle

Released: August 22, 2006
Label: Endemik Music

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Painted Roses feat Ghettosocks

What You Wahn Be feat Tweetch !zown

Similar Thoughts

Outline of a Valentine feat Filkoe

Silence + Circles feat Tweetch !zown + bleubird + K-the-i???

Track List
1. No Second Chance | 2. Monster Mashout feat. Bleubird | 3. Painted Roses feat. Ghettosocks | 4. Infinite Labyrinth feat. Yskee & Bleubird | 5. Dilshad and Tohti By a Frozen Lake | 6. What You Wahn Be feat. Tweetch !zown | 7. Similar Thoughts | 8. Outline of a Valentine feat. Filkoe176 | 9. Ocean Splits in Half feat. K-the-I??? & Apt | 10. Art of Rejection feat. Dave Pal | 11. This Great Evil | 12. 1912 ’til Infinty feat. jdwalker & Sontiago | 13. Humans Bury Deep feat. Bleubird & Sole | 14. Pre-Apocalyptic, Post Boredom Stress Syndrome | 15. Silence + Circles feat. Tweetch !zown, Bleubird + K-the-I???

Album Credits
Producer and Mixed: Scott Da Ros
Featured Vocals: Ghettosocks, Yskee, Bleubird, Tweetch !zown, Filkoe, K-the-I???, Apt, Dave Pal, jdwalker, Sontiago, Sole
Additional Musicians: DJ Immortal (2), Shoeb Ahmad (5), Killa-Jewel (9), William Ryan Fritch (10), Michael Boudreau (12), Sontiago (12)
Mastered: J. LaPointe
Artwork: Scott Da Ros


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