Deadly Stare – The Electric Seaenfiora (CD)

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The Electric Seaenfiora is a beautiful and mysterious project from Montreal based producer/composer Scott Da Ros. Every song unfolds like a scene from a hot summer night, finding contemplative and ecstatic moments in the cracks between pure joy and pain. Da Ros masterfully arranges intricate, organic music that hypnotizes; seductive and elusive sounds rising into focus from the lower frequencies as brilliant percussion punctuates the passage of time. The album is limited to 25 copies of Lathe Cut vinyl records, limited edition Cassette and CD.

Released: April 10, 2018
Label: Endemik Music

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The Electric Seaenfiora

Blacktop to Sciacca

Hidden traces & sudden awake

End of the beginning of the end

Track List
1. The Electric Seaenfiora | 2. Blacktop to Sciacca | 3. In 8 minutes 20 seconds | 4. Straightway danger | 5. Solitude in Zone Rouge | 6. Hidden traces & sudden awake | 7. The great chase in opaque | 8. Lullaby for the lost | 9. The anytime adventures in Oz | 10. End of the beginning of the end

Album Credits
Producer and Mixed: Scott Da Ros
Mastered: Michael Feuerstack
Additional Musicians:
Maki added some noises to Hidden Traces & Sudden Awake
Vid Cousins helped add some sounds to Lullaby for the Lost
Artwork: Scott Da Ros


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