Wordburglar – Wordburglar EP

Classic Wordburglar on wax! This slice of 12″ vinyl features two tracks from his out-of-print self-titled debut album and two from follow-up Burglaritis. The vinyl EP also contains additional instrumentals, an acapella, and vinyl-only remixes and exclusives.

Released: 2005
Label: Hand’Solo Records

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Track List
Side A: 1. Wordburglar | 2. Burglaration | 3. Three In The Key (Killy G Remix) featuring Thug Love & Dandruff | 4. Wordburglar (Jesse D Remix)
Side B: 1. Slobberknocker | B. Best In Show | 3. Breeze featuring Pigeon John | 4. Wordburglar (instrumental) | 5. Burglaration (instrumental) | 6. Wordburglar (acapella)
Album Credits
Vocals and Lyrics by: Wordburglar
Featured vocals: Pigeon John
Remixes: Fresh Kils & Jesse Dangerously
Producer: Beatmason & Fresh Kils
Cuts: Uncle Fester, More Or Les, Y-Rush & DJ Stibs