Toolshed – The Lost

“It’s Psybo, Chokeules and Timbuktu, also known as the Toolshed crew! The dudes of Toolshed are no strangers to the game as they come heavy with their fifth studio album, The Lost. The beats (courtesy of Timbuktu) on The Lost are as fresh as freshly ground peppercorn. Yes, pun intended. A group like Toolshed really gives Canada’s hip-hop scene a well deserved boost. The trio has been writing and recording together for almost a decade and a half, and it shows.” – Matt Ing, Lithium Magazine

Released: 2011
Label: Hand’Solo Records

MP3 (320)
Rock N Rule
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Prime Evil
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Hit Em’ With His Running Shoes
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Track List
1. Peppercorns | 2. Rock N Rule | 3. Flavor Saviors (remix) | 4. Prime Evil | 5. Clubsuck (redux) | 6. Irish Car Bomb Pt 2 | 7. Round Table feat. More or Les, SJ the Wordburglar and Savilion | 8. Dream Team | 9. Hit Em’ With His Running Shoes feat. Ghettosocks | 10. Worse For Wear | 11. Final Round (Muneshine Remix) | 12. Strong Bros (Fresh Kils Remix) | 13. Clubsuck (redux Muneshine Remix) | 14. Irish Tiger Balm Pt 2 (Savilion Remix) | 15. Dream Team (Bix Remix) | 16. Final Round (Original Version)
Album Credits
Vocals and Lyrics by: Timbuktu, Chokeules & Psybo
Featured vocals: Ghettosocks, More or Les, Wordburglar & Savillion
Remixes: Muneshine, Fresh Kils, Savilion & Bix
Producer: Timbuktu and Fresh Kils
Cuts: Middlesex Wrestling Team & Uncle Fester