Thesis Sahib – Before The End

Thesis Sahib - Before The End - Front
This album of RAP/HIP HOP/CHIPTUNE and CIRCUIT BENT sounds was originally only available as a 40 page art book featuring paintings and sculptures made in 2010. It came with a 7″ Vinyl Record and full album download card. The vinyl features songs that do no appear on this album as well as sounds made by the audio sculptures featured in the book.

Released: 2010
Label: Grimm Image Records / Tin Men

MP3 (320)

This River
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Every Last Word
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Girls And Boys And
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Dessert First
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New Same Old
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Track List
1. By Design | 2. This River | 3. Every Last Word | 4. The Old Future | 5. Automobile | 6. Girls And Boys And | 7. Flesh Barron | 8. Dessert First | 9. New Same Old | 10. Sin & Secrecy | 11.The Map | 12. Different Fire | 13. For Certain | 14. My Old Best Friend | 15. Serious Fun | 16. I Could Talk Fast But Instead
Album Credits
Vocals and Lyrics: Thesis Sahib
Producers: T. McRae, Funken, J. Kirkpatrick, Lincoln William Cushman, Middlesex Wrestling Team, Nyles Miszczyk & Twiz The Beat Pro
Mixed: Graeme Campbell
Mastered: J. LaPointe