soso & Dj Kutdown – All They Found Was Water at The Bottom of the Sea

All They Found was Water at the Bottom of the Sea (a nod to jdwalker for the lyric turned title) is an instrumental album created in the spirit of collaboration and friendship by soso and DJ Kutdown. Blending their very different but complementary production styles — soso providing the melody arrangements and Kutdown providing the drum sequences the album retains the character that defined much of their earlier work and reflects their ongoing appreciation for beautiful samples and drums that smack.

Released: 2009
Label: Hue Records / Clothes Horse Records

MP3 (320)
Track List
1. All Tie Cast Off | 2. Hand Over Fist | 3. Like Old Folks Like Rain | 4. Under The Yoke | 5. Knots And Lumps | 6. For Anything I Know | 7. And All Good Things
Album Credits
Production and Mixed: soso & DJ Kutdown
Mastered: DJ Kutdown