Sibitt / 志人 – Zymolytic Human

During a visit to Montreal, Sibitt from Tokyo, Japan found and pushed himself in new musical directions for his sophomore album, with the help and collaboration of a wide variety of artists from the city’s diverse music scene.

For listeners who don’t speak Japanese, Sibitt’s rhymes and sensibilities shine through. Language is not a barrier here – you can feel the meaning through his unique flows and character throughout the album.

“Hakko’u Ningen” is a Japanese expression. ‘Hakkou’ means ‘ferment’ and ‘Ningen’ means ‘human being’. Sibitt’s uses this idea as a metaphor for our lives: “don’t be corrupted – recognize that which causes fermentation in your own life and make it a positive growth rather than cause for decay.”

Released: 2012
Label: Granma Music

MP3 (320)

Kitsune No Yomeiri -Kamisama Ga Sumu Mura No Uta-
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Ichibutsu Zentai -Rinnetensyou Seimeiruten-
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Mangetsu -Chuuyou-
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Shindofuji -Kyouetsu Sigoku You-
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Track List
1. Jinenjo -Doko Henimo Ikazu Kokode Odore- | 2. Kitsune No Yomeiri -Kamisama Ga Sumu Mura No Uta-
3. Ichibutsu Zentai -Rinnetensyou Seimeiruten- | 4. Ikou Kai Ikou -Fuhaijigoku In- | 5. Ningen Fukkou -Yomigaeri Yomigaeri- | 6. Mangetsu -Chuuyou- | 7. Shindofuji -Kyouetsu Sigoku You- | 8. Shingetsu -Kokoro No Uchuu- | 9. Wasurenagusa -Hissori Yukkuri Jikkuri Gussuri- | 10. Michi -Tamayura- | 11. Hakkou Ningen -Kaiki-
Album Credits
Vocals and Lyrics: Sibitt / 志人
Featured Vocals: Jesse Dangerously, Thesis Sahib & Bleubird
Producers: Heliodrome, Mongoika, Scott Da Ros, Kid Koala, Sally Paradise, Eric Gingras, Snailhouse & Deadly Stare
Mastered: J. LaPointe