Recyclone & soso – Stagnation and Woe

This collaborative album between Saskatoon-based rap wunderkind soso and Truro, Nova Scotia’s Recyclone, who was once called “the Werner Herzog of Rap”, is an otherworldly combination. Songs manage to sound delicate while still providing a hard, dark punch. Features raps from Matt Reid and a re-unified Second Front (ANGO, EMC, DP, and Adam Harlting).

Released: 2006
Label: Clothes Horse Records

MP3 (320)
Track List
1. Gearbox Therapy | 2. The Earltown Hermit | 3. Episodes Of Constant Torture | 4. Trash Culture | 5. Body Parts | 6. Ghosts | 7. The Introduction
Album Credits
Vocals & Lyrics: Recyclone
Featured Vocals: Adam Hartling, Squiq, DP, EMC & Wallflower
Production and Mixed: soso
Mastered: Khela