Jesse Dangerously – Verba Volant

The second installment in Jesse Dangerously’s EP series feels like a proper full-length at ten tracks. Produced by Backburner’s Timbuktu (Toolshed, Teen Burger, Swamp Thing) and Fresh Kils (The Extremities) and features raps from Johnny Hardcore, GinzuTriplicate, Rez Villain, Wordburglar, Apt, and More or Les. From the party-startin Aww Shucks to the sincere So! Much! Fun! to the Halifax rap equivalent of Where’s Waldo in “Naming Names” Jesse D’s Verba Volant showcases the diversity of his MC skills and is, ultimately, a rather dope record.
By End Shoppe

Released: 2007
Label: Backburner Recordings

MP3 (320)
Aww Shucks
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Verba Volant (You Listen Too Slow)
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Naming Names
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Track List
1. Intro (The Safety’s Off) | 2. Aww Shucks | 3. Celebrity Nudes (Timskin Moon Mix) | 4. So! Much! Fun! (Unh!) | 5. Verba Volant (You Listen Too Slow) feat Ginzu & Johnny Hardcore | 6. Get Fresh (Fresh Kils’ Electrocrunk Embellishment) | 7. Butchershop Quartet feat Chokeules, Psyborg & Timbuktu | 8. The Day’s Arc feat Rez Villain | 9. Naming Names | 10. Safe No More feat Apt, More Or Les & Wordburglar
Album Credits
Vocals and Lyrics: Jesse Dangerously
Featured Vocals: Ginzu, Johnny Hardcore, Chokeules, Psyborg, Timbuktu, Rez Villain, Apt, More Or Les & Wordburglar
Producers: Fresh Kils & Timbuktu
Mixed & Mastered: Dexter Doolittle