Jesse Dangerously – Humble & Brilliant

The latest full length from Backburner’s Jesse Dangerously is a tour de force. Entirely self-produced (with the exception of the aptly named track Tim, I Said No Guests! which features a sonic/lyrical collaboration with the ‘burner’s Timbuktu), Humble & Brilliant shows off all the things that make Rap Legend Jesse Dangerously stand-out in the hip hop universe – crazy funky beats and tongue-twisting raps that swing effortlessly between snarling battle verses and honest introspection.
By End Shoppe

Released: 2011
Label: Backburner Recordings

MP3 (320)
Professional Widowmaker
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Halifax Rap Legend
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Holocaust Cloak
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Triptych III: Cold Comfort
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Track List
1. file_id.diz | 2. Professional Widowmaker | 3. Halifax Rap Legend | 4. Tim I Said No Guests! feat Timbuktu | 5. Bring Your Girlfriend To Rap Day | 6. Holocaust Cloak | 7. How Shall I Send Thee? | 8. Write Protected | 9. Mundane Arcana & Eldritch Lucidity | 10. Make Hymn Cry | 11. Triptych I: Hot Commodity | 12. Triptych II: Hot Property | 13. Triptych III: Cold Comfort
Album Credits
Vocals and Lyrics: Jesse Dangerously
Featured Vocals: Timbuktu & Audra Williams
Producers: Jesse Dangerously & Timbuktu
Mixed & Mastered: Dave Plowman