James Reindeer & Son Lux / Bleubird – Split

Limited edition (300 copies) 7″ with handmade cover artwork from Swiss label Mism Records!

“…the A-Side of the single on which Son Lux’s staggering production and soaring vocals meet with the arhythmic lyrical stylings of Reindeer. The two forces combine to create a track that transcends their individual sounds to create something both uplifting and forlorn.”

“…the B-Side sees Bleubird at his acerbic best over some stunning Deadly Stare production. This post-modern opus is also a relentless banger; a challenging headphone piece and a guaranteed centrepiece sounding from any quality alt-rap club’s PA…to head-banging effect.”

Released: 2009
Label: MISM Records

7″ Vinyl Record

Track List
Side A. 1. James Reindeer & Son Lux – In Static (strange and gentle things)
Side B. Bleubird – Wild Street Fire
Album Credits
Producers: Son Lux & Deadly Stare