INSTRUMENTS – National Laboratory

INSTRUMENTS - National Laboratory - Cover
Space-out psychedelic soundscapes, drums that sounds like hammer of Thor coming down on your face, amazing guitar tones bending in different directions, INSTRUMENTS are 3-piece band that are not afraid to experiment their instruments and the song. Sculptures made from sound…real aural treats. The care they have for every element of their compositions starting with the engineering process would even make Shellac happy. Oh, and Decent Worm will make you want to perform flying drops kicks from rooftops.
By End Shoppe

Released: 2009
Label: Endemik Music

12″ Vinyl EP
MP3 (320)

Elephant Tusk
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Eyes in Pieces
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Track List
1. Three Go Out | 2. Elephant Tusk | 3. National Laboratory | 4. Anticlock | 5. Decent Worm | 6. Eyes in Pieces | 7. Clock | 8. The Temperature of Deep Space
Album Credits
Everything: INSTRUMENTS (Daniel Macdonald, J. LaPointe, Jon Hutt)