Higher State – Higher State

Higher State are Hermitofthewoods and EMC on vocals and DJ Scotch Rothman on the 1s and 2s. Anchored by EMC’s saber-rattling production – falling somewhere between sample based hip hop and a live band – their 2017 self-titled debut album is set to be the perfect soundtrack for a chaotic world. The album has an anthemic feel, with bouncing, high energy rhymes addressing an unfolding state of emergency and DJ Scotch Rothman connecting all of the dots.

Released: June 1, 2017
Label: Endemik Music

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Champagne Campaign
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Worker Antz
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Track List
1. Ghosts (2:20) 2. Welcome (2:59) 3. Age Against the Machine (3:33) 4. Wasting My Time (3:14) 5. Champagne Campaign (2:14) 6. Capital Lies (2:45) 7. Hate the Way (4:10) 8. Worker Antz (2:47) 9. What Made the White Man White (3:56) 10. State of the Union (remix) (5:04) 11. War Party Party (3:40) 12. We Want the World (5:00)
Album Credits
Beats by EMC
Vocals & lyrics by EMC (E. McIntyre) & Hermitofthewoods (M. McGuire)
Cuts by DJ Scotchrothman (M. MacMillan)
Produced, engineered, & arranged by EMC at The Board Room
Mixed by EMC & Hermitofthewoods
Mastered at The Board Room

Additional Musicians:
Metropolis Votary appears on track 10
Crissie Brenton appears on track 6
Bill McIntyre plays synth on tracks 1,3,6, & 8.
Jay Andrews aka Sticks plays synth on tracks 7,9, & 12.

Artwork and Layout by Scott Da Ros
Project Manager: Shooty Boo