Hidden Fortress – All That Is

“With the razor sharp cuts and cinematic productions of UsdNeedls providing a heavy foundation for the introspective and often cryptic lyrics of nofutureface, Hidden Fortress is a predictor that something wicked this way comes. And now they drop their first album with Hand’Solo Records…”

Released: 2010
Label: Hand’Solo Records

MP3 (320)
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Track List
1. All That Is | 2. Good Hurt | 3. The Cure | 4. Apotheosis feat Modulok | 5. Iconoclast | 6. Rich Folks feat Planit | 7. Slangshot ft Kaigen | 8. Psychonaut | 9. Good Bye feat Raven Madd
Album Credits
Vocals and Lyrics by: Nofutureface
Featured vocals: Modulok, Planit, Kaigen & Raven Madd
Producer & Cuts: DJ UsdNeedls