Héliodrome & Jayrope – Swearing at the Sun

When Heliodrome arrived in Berlin in autumn 2009, they didn’t know what to expect. A French Canadian experimental rap band got in touch with Jayrope, a Berlin musician (Prinzenallee) and spent a few days together talking music while drinking beer.

Jayrope and Heliodrome performed an improvised, last minute show and the recording lead to this release…Swearing at the Sun is a meeting between likeminded artists involved in hip-hop and beyond…you can hear the influences that sculpted their take on it; free-jazz, noise, experimental rock, crude electronics, psychedelic music…A particularly inspired evening.

Total time: 57 minutes (download code included)
Released: 2010
Label: Independent


Price: CAD $5.00 sold out

MP3 (320)
Price: CAD $4.50
Track List
Side A. 1. Nerfs divins détachés de la masse | 2. Flüchtig Hingemachte Manner
Side B. 1. Ombres d’hommes bâclés à la six quatre-deux | 2. Die Sonne Ist Eine Hure
Album Credits
Music: Heliodrome & Jayrope
Mixed: Jayrope