Héliodrome – Allons, Livrons-nous au cultes des étoiles

25 minutes of length each, this is improvised music, recorded in a single session at The Pines studio in Montreal. This EP is a complement of the full length record and to showcase a more of the live/improv side of Heliodrome. On board for this EP are the musicians who also play in a live setting with Heliodrome, that is : Eric Gingras playing upright bass, Olivier Borzeix on charango/banjo, ebow, voice and Leon Lo on violin.

Allons, Livrons-Nous Au Cultes Des Étoiles:
5 tracks of improvised music and freestyles. this shit here is the most «normal» hip-hop Heliodrome did so far, with melodies, hooks , songs lasting 3-4 minutes…

Released: 2009
Label: Independent

MP3 (320)

L’Épreuve Du Réel
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Les Yeux Rivés Vers Le Ciel
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Track List
1. L’Épreuve Du Réel | 2. La Voix | 3. Le Meurtre Primitif (Ou Comment Tuer Un Mort-Vivant) | 4. Le Sens | 5. Les Yeux Rivés Vers Le Ciel
Album Credits
Vocals and Lyrics: Khyro
Music: Heliodrome (y.p.l & Khyro)
Additional Musicians: Eric Gingras, Olivier Borzeix & Leon Lo
Mixed: Scott Da Ros