Granelli w/ Buck 65 – Music Has Its Way With Me

Jerry Granelli - Buck65 - Cover
Halifax-based jazz legend Jerry Granelli teams up with musicians Jamie Saft, Christian Kögel, J. Anthony Granelli for an improv-based experiment with cuts and vocals from Stinkin’ Rich (Buck 65). This album is an often overlooked gem with both Granelli and Stinkin’ Rich getting out of their respective comfort zones and seeing where the music takes them.
By End Shoppe

Released: 2000
Label: Independent

Vinyl LP
MP3 (320)
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Music Has Its Way With Me
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Jo Mo
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Track List
1. Visitors | 2. Papp Joe | 3. Bad Ass | 4. Sew It Seems | 5. Music Has It’s Way With Me | 6. Heavy Metal | 7. Darth Sonics | 8. Jo Mo | 9. Dynaflo | 10. Sunday At Jack’s | 11. Richie’s Secret World | 12. Giants
Album Credits
Jerry Granelli: Drums, Samples & Percussion
Jamie Saft: Moog & Rhodes
J. Anthony Granelli: Bass
Christian Kogel: Guitar
Buck 65: Turntable, Vocals & Lyrics
Produced: Jammie Saft, Jerry Granelli & Colin MacKenzie