Evan Tyler – Cat Raps

“CAT RAPS” is the debut album by art-hop rapper EVAN TYLER. The album thematically looks at cats as symbolic creatures that represent the timeless arts of ‘cold lampin’ and ‘field trippin’. Whether EVAN’s purring happily in the sunlight or taking loft in the shade ready to pounce at his own shadow, “CAT RAPS” provides the listener with a blend of psychedelic lyrical quests and a plethora of contemporary art-hop sounds. – Taken from press release

Released: 2015
Label: Independent

MP3 (320)
Cat Raps
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Scratch that post
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You never know
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Track List
1. Intro | 2. The Tuna Belly | 3. Scratch that post | 4. My girlfriend’s laptop | 5. Thoughts | 6. Versions of myself | 7. First world problems | 8. On a date with Ira Lee ft. Ira Lee | 9. You’re Hysterical ft. Topless Literati | 10. My friend Dana | 11. I had a dream I was Ghostface | 12. I used to trade Sega games with this kid named Okan | 13. CAT RAPS | 14. Peculiar Freedom | 15. The Golden Curtains ft. Ulysses Castellanos | 16. Drinkin’ Tea | 17. Reflective sunset jam | 18. You never know | 19. Patrick Swayze Pony Meditation | 20. The hour of… | 21. Outro
Album Credits
All songs written and performed by EVAN TYLER
Engineer: Ashton Price at Morph Studios, Toronto
Mastered:Chris Bridge