EMC – To Whom It May Concern

EMC - To Whom It May Concern - Front
To Whom It May Concern is the debut solo record from EMC, the Halifax-based beatboxing emcee. Formerly of political alt-rap group Second Front, co-founder of the IMF crew, and currently serving as a drummer, DJ, and vocalist (often at the same time) with Three Sheet, EMC is a multi-talented artist well worth checking out. This album was produced by ANGO (LuckyMe Records) and features Ghettosocks, Recyclone, Apt, DP, and Hermitofthewoods.
By End Shoppe

Released: 2007
Label: IMF Records

MP3 (320)
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Drugs, Dept, Rent
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Battling Oxygen Factories
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Mothers And Daughters
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Poor People Repellent
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Track List
1. Voice Void | 2. To Whom It May Concern | 3. Bully | 4. Old School feat. Apt | 5. Drugs, Dept, Rent | 6. Rap Song V2.0 | 7. Scissor Attack feat. Recylcone | 8. Family Matters | 9. Battling Oxygen Factories feat. Recylcone | 10. A Beauty That Hurts | 11. Crosstown | 12. Mothers And Daughters | 13. Political Idol | 14. Open Veins | 15. Poor People Repellent feat. Ghettosocks and Hermitofthewoods | 16. Paternal Lullaby feat. DP (Dave Pal)
Album Credits
Vocals and Lyrics: EMC
Featured Vocals: Apt, Recyclone, Ghettosocks, Hermitofthewoods & Dave Pal
Producer and Mixed: Ango
Mastered: J. LaPointe