Chokeules – Stay Up

Chokeules (“choke-you-leez”) is Toronto’s worst kept secret. Originally known for his time with veteran hip hop outfit Toolshed, the prolific emcee has exploded onto the scene since he relocated from London, ON. As both a solo artist and member of Swamp Thing and Backburner, Choke stays busy on stage and in the studio. His sound draws from countless influences, built on a foundation of golden era hip hop. With his sophomore solo album Stay Up, Chokeules is at the top of his game, delivering his own style of hardcore boom bap with an occasional sense of humour.

Released: 2014
Label: Hand’Solo Records

MP3 (320)
Sole People
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Pass The Torch
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Track List
1. Welcome | 2. Verbatim | 3. Anonymous Tip | 4. Sole People | 5. FAAMF | 6. Man of Letters | 7. Electric Jesus (ft. Savilion) | 8. Cold Effects | 9. Dusted | 10. Leftorium (ft. Wordburglar, More Or Les & Mighty Rhino) | 11. 40-Year-Old Vegan | 12. Booze (ft. Ghettosocks, Savilion & Timbuktu) | 13. Pass The Torch | 14. Bandwagons (ft. Timbuktu & D-Sisive)
Album Credits
Vocals and Lyrics: Chokeules
Featured vocals: Savilion, Wordburglar, More Or Les, Mighty Rhino, Ghettosocks, Timbuktu & D-Sisive
Produced by Savilion, Timbuktu, MMac, Abstract Artform and Mister E
Cuts: DJiRATE & Uncle Fester
Recorded, arranged and mixed: Timbuktu at FUN in Toronto
Mastered: Dorc at Banging Masters
Album cover: Dan Jardine & Chokeules