Bleubird – Sloppy Doctor

Bleubird - Sloppy Doctor - Album Art
“I was about to call this one Bleuturd based on some previous examples, but maybe I have to eat that turd.” – Dusted

“You gotta love an artist who names the Young Black Teenagers as their numero uno influence on their My Space page. Think of him as the missing link between Sole and Dose One” – Boomkat

“An abstract, art-rap bonanza, loaded with matters of the heart, the mind, ducks and bunnies.” – Atak Worldwide

Released: 2003
Label: Endemik Music

MP3 (320)

Living Through Others
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Spider Get Off That Dust
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Prefab Housing
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Boogieman Screams Like A Girl
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Track List
1. welcome to my fuck | 2. cry baby crunk | 3. living through others | 4. you dont even know dog | 5. cartoon love bubbles | 6. when happening | 7. another super mario(cart)brothers drive-by feat. Sole | 8. two beat and a bikini | 9. spider get off that dust | 10. abrasive love+my broken friends | 11. i wish i was bob dylan | 12. trooth redux feat.SignOne | 13. bobmalisdada | 14. prefab housing | 15. most clubbinist cat | 16. the boogie man screams like a girl | 17. emo pervert | 18. dark dirty places | 19. turbo vette | 20. we the bomb
Album Credits
Vocals and Lyrics by: Bleubird
Featured Vocals: SignOne, Sole
Producers: SignOne, Scott Da Ros, Alias, Lord Grunge, Dexter Doolittle, Uncle Fester, Jesse Dangerously, X:144, Hemol, Skyrider
Mastered: J. LaPointe