Ancient Mith / Son Kas / Woolgatherers – Bottled Outside In 1964

This time Swiss label MISM Records brings you another interesting release in the form on 10″ vinyl. This EP features the always creative American rapper Ancient Mith (with production by Scott Da Ros), German rapper Son Kas, and The Woolgatherers who consist of Home and Mildew of the Papervehicles crew, also from America.

Only 302 copies were made.

Released: 2011
Label: MISM Records

10″ Vinyl

Track List
Side A. 1. Ancient Mith – Dinner Bells | 2. Son Kas – Friede und Busen | 3. The Woolgatherers – Everything With You
Side B. Dinner Bells instr | 2. Friede und Busen instr | 3. Everything With You instr
Album Credits
Vocals: Ancient Mith, Son Kas, Home & Mildew
Producers: Scott Da Ros, Son Kas & Mildew
Mastered: Deeskee