Ancient Mith – And The Dead Shall Lie There

The fourth full length album from Ancient Mith, Denver, Colorado, is the shedding of a ten year journey making music in a modern reality and the luggage acquired along the way. Swiss beat maker, Mattr., provides the groundwork for this electro rap record that ventures outside the usual.

Comes with 8 page lyric booklet.

Release date: 2013
Label: Archives & Art Supplies


No Legs
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Man Is
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Being Sexist Again
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Track List

1. Groving Joe | 2. No Legs | 3. Milk | 4. They’ll Always Call At Nine | 5. Synths | 6. Bonet Petite | 7. Plastic Leaves Of Our Autumns | 8. Man Is | 9. Simple | 10. Ciroc Shot Kool Herc | 11. Melungeon | 12. Being Sexist Again | 13. Tapwater and Tape Decks | 14. The Strongest Woman I Know Says

Album Credits
Written by Ancient Mith
Produced by Mattr
Mixed by James Eiten
Mastered by Deeskee
Design by Eric Cherry