Awards T-Shirt

Awards (Thesis Sahib & Funken) tshirt design by Thesis Sahib (James Kirkpatrick) and printed by ZBQ (print process info below).

*PRE-SALE ONLY! All shirts will be printed the week after we close the pre-sales and because we are taking pre-orders, ZBQ is able to individually number the shirts to keep things extra unique for you!

Shirts are available in Navy Blue and due to the size of the design we can only print these in *Mens sizes S to 3XL. Pre-sales will close October 27th*

T-Shirt pre-sale is over.
Awards Cassette is still available: Awards – Futuristic Jokes EP – Cassette
Additional info
When October 27th arrives we will close ordering info for these shirts. Orders will be processed and ZBQ will be print during the following week. Shirts will be shipped the following week! Give or take a couple days.

After we close the pre-sale date, their is a possibility that we will print a few extra shorts for the shoppe. The additional shirts will not be individually numbered.

No Women’s or kids sizes will be available for this design.

The shirts are from Alstyle Apparel. Style 1701.

Printing process by ZBQ
These shirts were printed using 2 distinct screen printing processes to produce a full color image on almost any color of shirt. First a base coat of discharge ink is laid down to make a white background upon which the other colors will be printed. Discharge is technically not an “ink”- it is a relatively new process that uses a bleach-like substance to remove, or discharge, the dye out of the cotton. Once that process is complete 4 colors of process ink are printed on top to create the image. Obviously there are a lot more than 4 colors in this image, but by using 4 distinct semi-transparent colors – black, cyan, magenta and yellow, we can emulate just about any color imaginable by combining them using a separation process in Photoshop. The result is as close as you can get to a full color screen print on a t-shirt.

The print may have a certain stiffness before it’s washed, as the discharge tends to need a wash or 2 to really loosen up and the process ink is a plastisol base and will also soften considerably after washing.  As with most printed t-shirts, to extend the life of the print it is recommended not to dry it in a dryer.