soso – Not for Nothing (MP3)

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soso is an unorthodox hip hop artist best known for songs that explore family and social histories, personal experience, and place. His latest album is a culmination of the creative strides he has made over the past decade. The writing is more wordy than previous efforts and is laced with idioms, double negatives, and nuance. There are moments of off-kilter crooning. It’s a bit obtuse, but certainly sincere. The album was produced by indie hip hop stalwart and long time collaborator, Maki.

Released: June 10, 2013
Label: Endemik Music

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Things started out so pretty

The rain barrel


The blushing bride

Track List
1. The wait | 2. Things started out so pretty | 3. Pretty as a picture | 4. The rain barrel | 5. If I ever knew you, I don’t know you now | 6. Choke | 7. The extermination of a raccoon, first part (Revelation) | 8. The extermination of a raccoon, second part (Epiphany) | 9. The blushing bride | 10. Not for nothing | 11. A map of all the constellations I can see from my kitchen window

Album Credits
Written by soso (Troy Gronsdahl)
Produced & mixed by Maki (Yierasimos Kypriotis)
Mastered by Nato
Design by Troy Gronsdahl
Drawings by Dagmara Genda


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