rosemo(u)nt antiquartet – diverses envolées de voix en essaims d’esseulement (MP3)

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11 years since his last solo album, ypl (of Heliodrome) has left behind his sample based music and has built short movies of sound in a krautrock jam band aesthetic on his latest album, diverses envolées de voix en essaims d’esseulement. The lap steel guitar rotates around the modular synthesizer cables, the bass resonates in a closed-circuit weightlessness and percussions are reminiscent of a halting edit. It is a scenario without a synopsis for a catharsis of the disenchantment which is sung in vertigo without the weight of words and the lies they support. The journey crosses the ocean of genres to finish anchored in the hollow of your ear.

Released: April 11, 2017
Label: Endemik Music

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la vallée combustible d’un présage

chemin de fer sur ton coeur d’oxyde

Track List
Side A: 1. valser l’encens du remord en soi | 2. la vallée combustible d’un présage | 3. chemin de fer sur ton coeur d’oxyde | 4. voyage au bout de l’ennui
Side B: 5. la belle de verre à mauerpark | 6. l’humide souvenir de tes mains de métropole | 7. la mécanique du déni | 8. l’essoufflement du vent dans le cordage de tes yeux

Album Credits
Recorded at Sentinelle en Silence and Spaaceemoon, Snoowcaat by Scott Da Ros and ypl.
Mix and essential production by Scott Da Ros

Created exclusively from:
– modular synth (Make Noise, Intellijel, Mutable Instruments)
– Lap Steel – Fender Champion
– Short Scale Bass – Fender Musicmaster
– Programming with MPC 2500
– Shaking voice of ypl
– Samples by ypl

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