Prinzenallee – Don’t Let Nerds Take Over Your Life (CD)


Named after the street where they lived and recorded, Prinzenallee are bleubird (vocals/noise) and Jayrope (music). This project was born out of their mutual disdain for music they do not hear on the radio. They exist within their own West German Turkish ghetto Utopia and that is cooler than cool. Their 10-track debut release is…

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Track List
1. Don’t Let Nerds Take Over Your Life | 2. Whooo | 3. Come on Betty | 4. SOBO | 5. Your Party’s Burning | 6. Princessynth | 7. Throwing Rocks at your Machine | 8. Dance Laser | 9. Whistle bleubird | 10. Staying UndressedAlbum Credits
Vocals and lyrics by bleubird
Music by Jayrope
Mixed and Mastered: Mark Bihler & Jayrope

Artwork layout and design by Scott Da Ros


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