Loganprojects (jdwalker) – Character Assassination (MP3)

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“In 2000, former Sole and Moodswing9 associate jdwalker put out on Bluecyde Recordings this Loganprojects album called Character Assasination. Loganprojects is jdwalker and Blucyde.

No party nor hoes and bitches lyrics to be expected in here. We are in the area of “personal journalism”. jdwalker, as much as any other human being, knows pain, deceit, regrets but also hope and tell us about it. This gives to the whole CD a very introspective, contemplative, melancholic tone.” – musiquemachine.com

Released: 2000
Label: Bluecyde Recordings

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Words Aren’t Real

Random Thoughts



Track List
1. Intro | 2. Words Aren’t Real | 3. Characters Assassination feat. Sole & Alias | 4. Fragile feat. KGB | 5. Random Thoughts | 6. Kerry | 7. Breath | 8. Part Of Me | 9. One | 10. Zombie | 11. Dirty Words | 12. The Music | 13. Here I Sit | 14. I Want More

Album Credits
Vocals and Lyrics: jdwalker
Featured Vocals: Sole, Alias & KGB
Producers: Bluecyde (jdwalker), Alias, Moodswing9, Skala & Sole
Mastered: Bill Butler

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