Les Swashbuckling Napoleons – Fuck! (CD)

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“Bleubird, Thesis Sahib and producer Edison form to create Les Swashbuckling Napoleons, as they finally drop a follow up to their first 7″ released in 2003. Known usually for being at the forefront of abstract hip hop, both Bleubird and Thesis Sahib back it up a step and just let their skills as emcees play center stage to a back drop of amazing beats by San Francisco producer Edison. Some of the best work all parties have put out and featuring a posse cut with Verble, Neila, K-the-I???, 2Mex, Existereo, LifeRexall and Nabahe plus a remix by Omid!” – Access HH

Released: 2010
Label: Grimm Image Records

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Just So You Know

Paper Boat

One Lovely Bastard

Here’s To The Health

Track List
1. Lions At Sea | 2. Just So You Know | 3. Paper Boat | 4. Lol What The Hell | 5. Kenning Around | 6. One Lovely Bastard | 7. Warwick Crossed The Bee | 8. In Just Us | 9. About Yourself | 10. Here’s To The Health | 11. Napoleons Creed Rap feat. Verble, Neila, K-the-I???, 2Mex, Existereo, Live Rexall, Nabahe & Edison | 12. In Just Us (Omid Remix)

Album Credits
Vocals and Lyrics by: Bleubird & Thesis Sahib
Featured Vocals: Verble, Neila, K-the-I???, 2Mex, Existereo, Live Rexall, Nabahe & Edison
Producer: Edison
Remix: Omid
Mixed: Vid Cousins
Mastered: J. LaPointe

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