jdwalker – Them Get You, Them Got You (MP3)

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Opening with a hymn-like acapella harmonizing with himself, jdwalker, comes out swinging with with a bag full of so much soul. The album veers in many directions and down each path the strength lies within his lyrics and soulful delivery, most notably when he belts out song like in Maine Wharf, Man and Women Show and Know No Company. All singing aside, jdwalker infuses his melodic approach to vocals into his raps with meaning and intent and always keeping in mind the song importance. This is a dark opus with many twists and turns..

Released: 2005
Label: 6 Months

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Them Get You…Them Got You (Part 1)

The Two Six

Red Sky In The Morning

Jazzy Fresh Fucker

Know No Company

Track List
1. Nailed | 2. Nails Over Munjoy | 3. Them Get You…Them Got You (Part 1) feat K-the-i??? | 4. Omen | 5. Moment Over Arizona | 6. Since Saturday feat Bleubird | 7. Maine Wharf | 8. The Two Six | 9. Red Sky In The Morning | 10. Patients People feat Sole & Sontiago | 11. Jazzy Fresh Fucker | 12. Shrimp And Mermaids | 13. Man And Woman Show | 14. Them Get You…Them Got You (Part 2) feat K-the-i??? | 15. Know No Company
Also included in DOWNLOAD Package:
16.Erins Feat Unauthordox | 17. Song For The Dogfish | 18. The Sonya Song

Album Credits
Vocals and Lyrics by: jdwalker
Featured Vocals: K-the-i???, Bleubird, Sole, Sontiago & Unauthordox
Producer: jdwalker, Alias, K-the-I???, Sole, Nomar Slevik & DJ Mayonnaise
Mixed and Mastered: Bill Butler

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