INSTRUMENTS – Assembly Room (MP3)

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An all-star cast of avant garde beatsmiths from around the world representing 6 countries, all of whom took the songs to places far beyond the original versions. All remixes are of songs from INSTRUMENTS first two EP’s.

Released: February 15, 2011
Label: Endemik Music

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Elephant Tusk (Edison Remix)

National Laboratory (Speed Dial 7 Remix)

Decent Worm (Deadly Stare Remix)

Eyes in Pieces (Masashi (of 8th Wonder) Remix)

Skull Decay (FRKSE Remix)

Track List
1. Data Processing (Remixed by Graematter – Halifax, NS, Canada)
2. Eyes in Pieces (Remixed by Ango – Montreal, QC, Canada)
3. Decent Worm (Remixed by Deadly Stare – Montreal, QC, Canada)
4. National Laboratory (Remixed by k-the-i??? – Los Angeles, CA, USA)
5. Clock (Remixed by P-Love – New York, NY, USA)
6. Three Go Out (Remixed by Mattr – Bern, Switzerland)
7. Elephant Tusk (Remixed by Edison – San Francisco, CA, USA)
8. Eyes in Pieces (Remixed by Masashi of 8th Wonder – Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan)
9. Black Kite (Remixed by Jayrope – Berlin, Germany)
10. National Laboratory (Remixed by Speed Dial 7 – Kortrijk, Belgium)
11. Skull Decay (Remixed by FRKSE – Jamaica Plain, MA, USA)
12. Decent Worm (Remixed by Modulator aka Stigg of the Dump and CE Gabriel – Arisaig, NS, Canada)

Album Credits
Remixers: Graematter, Ango, Deadly Stare, k-the-i???, P-Love, Mattr, Edison, Masashi of 8th Wonder, Jayrope, Speed Dial 7, FRKSE & Modulator
Mastered: J. LaPointe

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