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On If and Only If, their first album in seven years, Maki has crafted a delicate and evolving backdrop for the contemplative lyrics that established soso’s reputation as one of the most unique voices in alternative hip hop. Drawing from noise, drone and other forms of electronic music, Maki sets the tone for an album imbued with the pressing political issues and social tensions that have characterized the past five years. The album was certainly not rushed. It is well-considered, deliberate in pace and intent. This is winter walking music.

Originally released in 2007, Tinfoil on the Windows was a highpoint in the creative output of prairie rapper, soso. Produced by his tour-mate, collaborator and Canadian indie-rock icon, Maybe Smith, the album paired his layered, sprawling instrumentation with soso’s confessional lyrics and fragile vocal melodies. His most musically ambitious release to date, Tinfoil on the Windows is now available on limited edition vinyl for the first time.

* Vinyl bundle orders come with soso – The Goose Hunter 7″ and Tinfoil CD
* Single vinyl order comes with soso Tinfoil CD

* Order includes instant download of both albums

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* If and Only If – Tentative shipping date is April 10, 2021
* If you ordered both vinyl – Tentative shipping date is May 20, 2021

Order outside of Canada
To order vinyl in USA, visit: Audio Recon
To order vinyl in Europe, visit: Mism Records
To order the cassette, visit: Hello.L.A.

If and Only If Track List
Side A: 1. All the way to the world’s edge, all the way home | 2. Undone | 3. And Yet | 4. Not Tomorrow but the Next Day | 5. Wolf Willow
Side B: 1. Sweet Little Nothings | 2. Boil Water Advisory | 3. A morning more or less like this one | 4. All In

Tinfoil On the Windows Track List
Side A: 1. Rubber Rings | 2. Company of Chairs | 3. All The Useless Things These Hands Have Done | 4. The Names of all the Trees |
Side B: 1. Your Mom is in the Next Room | 2. Floorboards and | 3. One Eye Open | 4. For a Girl on a Faraway Hill

Release date: Mar 31, 2021
Label: Endemik Music / Mism Records / Audio Recon / Hello.L.A.

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