Epic & Nomad – s/t (MP3)

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This full length album features Epic’s off-kilter, slice of life raps with the charming warbling vocals of Belgium’s Homesick Nomad. Maki has put together a great collection of beats for this album, and Epic enlisted the talents of a number of indie rap’s finest. Cam the Wizzard lends his impeccable baritone flow to a couple of tracks, Nomad’s bandmate Siaz drops on a couple tracks, Canadian DMC Champion Dj Brace rips it on a track and soso chips in a beat as well! Cover art provided by the incomparable, Thesis Sahib.

Released: 2006
Label: Clothes Horse Records

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Act on Stage

Another Left Wing Peace Song

Days n’ Times Whats Really Good

My Name Is Nomad

Track List
1. Hot 2006 Mentality | 2. Another Left Wing Peace Song | 3. Time Flows By | 4. From Canada To Belgium With Love Feat Cam The Wizzard, Siaz | 5. My Name Is Nomad | 6. Days ‘n Times (Whats Really Good) | 7. Isolation Interlude Feat Asthma, Cam The Wizzard | 8. I Can’t Hide Feat Siaz | 9. Certain Radius | 10. Act On Stage

Album Credits
Vocals and Lyrics: Epic & Nomad
Featured Vocals: Cam The Wizzard, Siaz & Asthma
Producers: Maki & soso
Mixed: soso
Mastered: J. LaPointe

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