Deadly Stare – Colors (MP3)

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Colors is the fourth album from Montreal-based producer/composer Scott Da Ros and his second as Deadly Stare. Presented as a ten-song suite, the record creates an immersive world of ancient machines and uncertain futures that rumble like a vivid dream from one scene to the next. Released in partnership with Audio Recon.

Released: June 5, 2020
Label: Endemik Music & Audio Recon

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I told my Wrath

Floating on paper down Creighton

Everyone in the park saw it

They Intruder

Track List
1. Harden our hearts | 2. I told my Wrath | 3. Revenge of the one killer bee | 4. Floating on paper down Creighton | 5. Truth beauty | 6. The Letdown and so on | 7. Everyone in the park saw it | 8. Alone now, again, alone | 9. They Intruder | 10. Untune the sky

Album Credits
Producer, Mixed and Mastered: Scott Da Ros
Additional Musicians:
Maki added some sounds to Untune the sky
Artwork & layout: Scott Da Ros
Paintings: Mae Mae

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