soso – Tenth Street and Clarence

From the opening Geese to the final piano soso’s sophomore beauty is a one of a kind, courageous piece of work. As always he takes his time setting each mood and creating sad and wonderful landscapes with pianos, acoustic guitars and the best vocal samples, that are sporadically accompanied by his unique vocals and carefully constructed poems, or raps. Things That Make What A Man Is is constructed simply with an organ and some vocal scratching and contains so much feeling it might be a perfect song. Grown ups rap music for the sensitive type.
By End Shoppe

Released: 2005
Label: Clothes Horse Records

MP3 (320)
Track List
1. The Goose Hunter Pt 1 | 2. The Goose Hunter Pt 2 | 3. Finding Out About a Big Pile of Stones | 4. Returning to an Empty House | 5. Your Skin Brown from the Sun | 6. Waiting Under a Wax Paper Sky | 7. Washes the Ground | 8. Things That Make What a Man Is | 9. Confronting Your Mom with a Pipe Up My Sleeve | 10. With Morning, Relief | 11. Sweet Euphemisms | 12. Hungover for Three Days Straight (Don’t Matter)
Album Credits
Vocals and Lyrics: soso
Producer: soso
Mastered: DJ Kutdown