Miles Perkin – Aposiopesis

It seems a virtuoso may have trouble reining in emotions. Far too busy with technique and muscle flexing to remember music is meant to connect. Miles Perkin’s solo debut album sounds as though you are laying inside his contrabass falling ever so slowly as though time is almost standing still. The melodies are beautiful as he plays his instrument like it is an extension of his body and accompanying his playing with soft singing. A dream to never wake up to until the rhythms of Bass Drum I kick in.
By End Shoppe

Released: 2008
Label: Independent

Price: $12.00

MP3 (320)
Price: $7.00

Track List
1. Capos | 2. Perspectives | 3. Bass Drum I | 4. Collide | 5. Ducimer | 6. Bass Drum II | 7. A Message Tied to a Balloon
8. Adagio: les Chemins du Traverse V
Album Credits
Composed: Miles Perkin
Additional Compositions: Thom Gossage
Producers: Miles Perkin & Harris Shper
Mixed: Harris Shper & Miles Perkin
Mastered: Ryan Morey