Common Thread (Miles Perkin) – s/t

Led by bassist/composer/vocalist Miles Perkin, the music of Common Thread is thoughtfully structured while maintaining the breath and openness of improvisation. Common Thread strives to achieve a balance between structure and chaos. – taken from press release

Released: 2008
Label: Independent

Price: $12.00

MP3 (320)
Price: $7.00

Track List
1. Outpost | 2. The Guessing Game | 3. Back Porch Fairy Dust | 4. Broken Grass | 5. Gnawa | 6. Rally The Troops
Album Credits
Composed: Miles Perkin
Featured musicians:
Miles Perkin: bass &voice
Erik Hove: flute & alto saxophone
Chet Doxas: clarinet & tenor saxophone
Joe Grass: pedal steel, guitar, mandolin, dobro & banjo
Sarah Page: harp
Thom Gossage: drums & percussion