Backburner – Heatwave

The Backburner crew finally got together in 2011 and put out their long overdue posse album! The album features Fresh Kils, Wordburglar, Timbuktu, More Or Les, Uncle Fes, Ghettosocks, Chokeules, Jesse Dangerously, Jay Bizzy, Thesis Sahib, Beatmason, Frank Deluxe, Dexter Doolittle, Psybo, Ambition, Johnny Hardcore, Manalive, Ginzu333 & Mister E

Released: 2011
Label: Hand’Solo Records

MP3 (320)
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Show Of Hands
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Style Dumpsters
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Track List
1. Straight Out The Vault – Jesse Dangerously, Chokeules, Jay Bizzy & Ambition [prod by Dexter Doolittle]
2. Lifers – Chokeules, More Or Les, Timbuktu & Wordburglar [prod by Timbuktu]
3. Nothin’ Friendly – Jesse Dangerously, Timbuktu, Ghettosocks, Wordburglar, Ambition, Chokeules & More Or Les [prod by Timbuktu]
4. Back Home – Ginzu333, More Or Les, Thesis Sahib, Johnny Hardcore & Psybo [prod by Mister E]
5. Show Of Hands – Ghettosocks, Chokeules, Wordburglar & Timbuktu [prod by Beatmason]
6. Heatwave – Thesis Sahib, Timbuktu, Wordburglar, Jesse Dangerously, Chokeules & Jay Bizzy [prod by Timbuktu]
7. Hurtin’ – Chokeules, Timbuktu, Ghettosocks, Jesse Dangerously & Wordburglar [prod by Ghettosocks]
8. Style Dumpster – Psybo, Manalive, Thesis Sahib & Frank Deluxe [prod by Fresh Kils]
9. Long Story Short – More Or Les, Timbuktu, Ghettosocks & Wordburglar [prod by Fresh Kils]
10. Phantom Ghost – Chokeules, Wordburglar, Mister E, Timbuktu & More Or Les [prod by Beatmason]
11. Harm’s Way – Wordburglar, Timbuktu, Frank Deluxe, Ghettosocks, Chokeules & Jesse Dangerously [prod by Uncle Fester]
12. Freak Show Physics – Frank Deluxe, Timbuktu, Manalive, More Or Les, Chokeules, Thesis Sahib & Johnny Hardcore [prod by Uncle Fester]
13. Showtime in ’09 (’011 Mister E-Mix) – Timbuktu, Manalive, Jesse Dangerously, More Or Les, Chokeules, Frank Deluxe, Wordburglar, Thesis Sahib, Psybo & Ghettosocks [prod by Mister E]
14. Burn It Down – Ghettosocks, Jesse Dangerously, Timbuktu, Frank Deluxe, Wordburglar, Chokeules, Jay Bizzy, Thesis Sahib, More Or Les, Psybo & Manalive [prod by Dexter Doolittle]